Customer support 24/7

We can provide any kind of customer support in any language 24/7
  • Ticketing system

    Supporting and help to deal with any incidents and issues in organizations. It helps to manage the incidents from the beginning through to their resolution.

  • Live chats

    Live chat helps solve the problems of your users in real time. Experienced operators answer questions and provide high-quality technical support.

  • Call center

    We have experience of building customer-focused support team in different languages and working on building lasting customer loyalty.

Workflow of building
customer support

We can build an experience customer-focused support
team according to your business needs.
  • Analysis

    A deep analysis of client’s business and needs

  • Offer

    Making a business offer depending on the client

  • Hunting

    Hunting good specialists and further training to provide high quality customer support

  • Learning

    Support team learning product/passing product exams

  • Support

    Qualification team begin to make 24/7 support

  • Improving skills

    Constant team training in order to improve the skills

  • Support services

    Our customer support can provide but
    is not limited in the following activities:

    • Provide technical support and advices
    • Verification of user's information, registration, subscription
    • Identification, primary analysis and solution of user's problems
    • Reproduction, identification of the problem
    • Receive customer feedback and suggestions
    • Log service/channels suggestions
    • Inform customers and users about updates, resolved issues and fixed bugs
    • Supports the modern social and mobile consumer
    • Multiple channel support (voice, email, chat, social networks)
    • Virtual queuing and web click-to-call
    • Easy CRM integration and flexible IVR configuration

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