Innovative IT Solutions for Your Business

Committed to your success we deliver cutting-edge technologies combined with polished to excellence process and 10+ years experience at managing human capital.

Software development

  • Custom software development

    Our team of professional engineers will help you to develop software solutions ranging from enterprise software to consumer directed projects. We have deep expertise with enterprise software, high load projects, cloud, and SaaS solutions for different types of working stations.

    Customization of pre-developed software

    Smart customization of pre-developed software may lower the cost of your project, without sacrificing quality. Our specialists adapt and integrate pre-developed CRM, ERP, ECM, billing systems etc.

    Project recovery

    Even if your project has been experiencing difficulties, it is always possible to save invested efforts.
We start with an analysis of the current situation and then plan a way out of the crisis.

    • Programming

        • C
        • C++
        • C#
        • CSS 3
        • HTML 5
        • Java
        • Python
        • CofeeScript
        • JRuby
        • Perl
        • PHP
        • PL/SQL
        • Ruby on Rails
        • Objective-C
        • JavaScript
        • Scala
        • Swift
        • XML
    • Types of

      • Oracle
      • OLAP
      • DB2
      • MySQL
      • Informix
      • MS SQL Analysis
      • MS SQL Server
      • Teradata
      • PostgreSQL

    • Frameworks
      & Tools

      • Cache Object Script
      • Rational Suite
      • Perforce
      • MS Team System
      • GIT
      • QT
    • Operating

      • Windows
      • QNX
      • CEUNIX
      • Linux
      • Solaris
      • HP-UX
      • VxWorks
      • Embedded Linux
      • OS X

Mobile development

We offer full cycle development of cross platform native mobile
applications, web applications, and IoT solutions for all types of devices.
  • Native applications

    These are the applications that allow a full use of device capabilities (camera, microphone etc.). We create cross platforms & hybrid mobile applications for such operating systems as iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

    Web applications

    Web based applications allow to diminish time & cost of development of your application. With certain limitations, web applications are a great tool for customer attraction.

    Wearable & IoT solutions

    For a long time we have been connecting real and digital worlds.
With the rapidly growing internet of things there will be more of invisible interaction between different types of devices.

  • Mobile development
  • Programming

    • Java
    • JavaSE
    • С
    • С++
    • C#
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Swift
  • Types of

    • SQ Lite
    • Berkeley DB
    • Couchbase Lite
    • LevelDB
  • Frameworks
    & Tools

    • Esspreso
    • JUnit
    • TDD
    • Maven
    • Gradle
    • Android Media
    • Android SDK
    • DI/loC
    • ASP.NET
    • QT
  • Operating

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows Mobile

Web development

  • At 111PIX UA we take on the challenging problems such as high-load web projects, media streaming services, cloud service solutions, etc.

    Due to our determination to obtain greatness, our sharp technical competency is constantly evolving and only the best professionals work with us.

    For our clients, 111PIX UA is an all-inclusive solution that provides a full range of web services for your business (including creation of online presence of your business, web marketing, and continuous support.)

    • Programming

        • HTML 5
        • СSS 3
        • Java
        • JavaScript
        • Python
        • Ruby on Rails
        • PHP
        • С++
        • C#
        • C
    • Types of

      • Oracle
      • DB2
      • MySQL
      • DB2
      • MySQL

    • Frameworks
      & Tools

        • Spring MVC
        • Dropwizard
        • ASP.NET
        • Apache Camel
        • GIT
        • SharePoint
        • Elasctic Search
        • Angular JS
        • React
    • Operating

      • Windows
      • Linux
      • OS X
      • Unix

Software testing & Quality assurance

111PIX UA offers full-cycle software testing: quality control, manual and automated testing.
  • Quality Control

    Quality control is a set of procedures and normative documents aimed at maintaining the quality of the product at a certain level. QC is performed mainly as a manual testing and, as a result, provides detailed reports on product’s readiness for release, compliance with fixed requirements, adherence to a declared quality level.

    QA Automation Mobile

    Our framework can automatically test mobile apps — across all major platforms and devices. We can create and execute functional, integration, system, and UI tests and run them in parallel using our proprietary testing stand.

    QA Automation Web

    Test the functionality of your web applications in automated mode — with unparalleled depth, precision, and speed. Our team will create and run cross-browser tests by simulating real user actions and also will create API and Unit tests for the maximum coverage of your application.

    • Types of Testing Web & Mobile apps databases

      • UI Testing
      • Functional Testing
      • Unit Testing
      • Regression Testing
      • Security and Access Control Testing
      • Interoperability Testing
      • Performance and Load Testing
      • Stress Testing

      Test Design Technics

      • Equivalence Partitioning
      • Boundary Value Analysis
      • Cause/Effect
      • Error Guessing
      • Exhaustive Testing

    • Tools

      • Java
      • JavaScript
      • Selenium WebDriver
      • Protractor JS
      • TestNG
      • JUnit
      • Allure Reporter
      • Http Clients
      • Appium
      • Maven
      • Git
      • Docker
      • Apache JMeter
      • SoapUI
      • TestLink or others
      • Atlassian Confluence
      • Atlassian JIRA or others
      • Jenkins
      • Atlassian Bamboo

Networks & Datacenters

Our specialists offer a full range of datacenter installation services for companies collocated in their own facilities, as well as in an outsourced datacenter.
  • Full colocation & datacenter installation

    We offer comprehensive Managed Installation services to all customers collocated in their own facilities or in an outsourced datacenter.

    • Designing
    • Hardware, software, and network selection
    • Vendor management
    • Proof of concept and testing
    • Implement and procurement
    • Manage and stabilize environment
    • Enterprise Training

    Colocation management

    • Obtain unbiased, vendor neutral market intelligence
    • Deliver a business case for your Cloud Computing project
    • Objectively review the pros and cons of various colo/cloud
    • Align your business needs and usage with your spend
    • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) in your IT Budge
  • IP connectivity optimization

    As content and applications are becoming more bandwidth driven, they require intelligent routing with effective use of content management to ensure content and applications are reaching users located anywhere globally, in a timely manner. 111PIX UA designs and architects Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for its enterprise clients to ensure their business goals are met and monetized.

    Customized cloud installation

    We offer solution design and sourcing with an emphasis in outsourced infrastructure and enterprise business applications. We work with leading providers of highly secure, scalable, and on demand solutions to deliver flexibility and choice for your enterprise’s private and public cloud deployments through traditional IT managed services, i.g., AWS, Go Grid, Rackspace, etc.

    Hardware expertise

    • Servers: Dell, Supermicro
    • Networking: Cisco, Juniper, Dell, Brocade, Arista
    • Web balancers: F5, A10, brocade ADX
    • Security appliances: A10 WAF, F5 WAF, Palo Alto, SonicWall, Sophos

Customer support 24/7

We can provide any kind of customer support in any language 24/7
  • Ticketing system

    Supporting and help to deal with any incidents and issues in organizations. It helps to manage the incidents from the beginning through to their resolution.

  • Live chats

    Live chat helps solve the problems of your users in real time. Experienced operators answer questions and provide high-quality technical support.

  • Call center

    We have experience of building customer-focused support team in different languages and working on building lasting customer loyalty.

Workflow of building
customer support

We can build an experience customer-focused support
team according to your business needs.
  • Analysis

    A deep analysis of client’s business and needs

  • Offer

    Making a business offer depending on the client

  • Hunting

    Hunting good specialists and further training to provide high quality customer support

  • Learning

    Support team learning product/passing product exams

  • Support

    Qualification team begin to make 24/7 support

  • Improving skills

    Constant team training in order to improve the skills

  • Support services

    Our customer support can provide but
    is not limited in the following activities:

    • Provide technical support and advices
    • Verification of user's information, registration, subscription
    • Identification, primary analysis and solution of user's problems
    • Reproduction, identification of the problem
    • Receive customer feedback and suggestions
    • Log service/channels suggestions
    • Inform customers and users about updates, resolved issues and fixed bugs
    • Supports the modern social and mobile consumer
    • Multiple channel support (voice, email, chat, social networks)
    • Virtual queuing and web click-to-call
    • Easy CRM integration and flexible IVR configuration

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